Hardwood floor is a common enough solution for many homeowners out there. It is the go-to floor type, due to its endurance, good looks and great availability in many colours, sizes and styles. Be that as it may, there are still many myths surrounding hardwood floors.

Here’s a few of them that you should know about if you are getting hardwood floor:

  • Wooden Floor Tips TricksCleaning of hardwood is difficult – you may think that it is hard to keep up with the maintenance needs of the hardwood floor, but the reality is different. When it comes to routine cleaning, you need only sweep, dust with a damp mop and vacuum often enough. Keep in mind that you should not use steam and excess moisture when cleaning hardwood, as that can ruin the finish. If there is a spill, clean it up as soon as possible. There is nothing complicated about cleaning hardwood floor.
  • Wood floors scratch easily – that is only partially true. Much like any floor experiencing heavy foot traffic, hardwood will show some signs of wear over time. However, unlike many other types of floors, the damage of scratches will only occur on the finish layer. Applying a new coat of finish will easily repair the damage. In case the damage goes deeper, there is always the sanding and refinishing process available. You can easily keep the floor from scratching by using area rugs in the busiest places, in addition to putting furniture pads.
  • It is a bad idea if you are moving homes soon – according to experts, getting a hardwood floor is an excellent way to boost the value of a home you want to sell. Even if you get that kind of flooring for your home before moving, it still makes sense. Potential buyers will be willing to pay more for your home.
  • Wood floors make a room feel colder – on the contrary, hardwood floors add plenty of warmth to the room. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also serve as insulation against the cold. On top of that, wood retains more heat from radiators, AC and other heating systems so you can count on warmer winters.

Hardwood Flooring Myths

  • Wood floors show dust more than others – unlike many other flooring options, wood doesn’t harbour any animal dander, dust, mould and other impurities. It is effortless to clean it and improve the overall look of the area.
  • Wood floors cannot endure wear and tear – different wood types have different durability and hardiness. It is true that some floors will exhibit wear and tear damage, but others are quite hardy. One way to minimise the damage is to use the appropriate finish.
  • Engineered wood isn’t real wood – engineered wood is real wood. It is made up of several layers of wood or composite veneers. In fact, the only non-wood components inside are the adhesives and the finish applied on the top layer.

Now that you know more about hardwood floors, you can better choose the best one for your home. Remember to contact a professional company to fit and fix your hardwood floor, if need be.

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