If you have installed a hardwood floor in your home, you must prepare to fix the inevitable damage that occurs. Whether it is from scratches or dings, you will consider sanding.

Before you call in the crew, you should think about refinishing instead. It is cheaper and requires much less effort to deal with. You can even go DIY style and deal with the job on your own if you feel you can use a buffer because that is what the job requires.

Here is the procedure you need to follow:

  • Refinishing Hardwood FloorClean the floor thoroughly – before you begin any work, you must ensure the floor is free of dust. For this reason, move the furniture away from the room and spray the floor with a specialised cleaner. You can also mix your own solution with 1 part white vinegar and 10 parts water. Wipe the floor with a soft cloth or a mop.
  • Prepare the area – next on the list is hand-sanding the perimeter of the room, including any spots that the buffer cannot get to with 180-grit sandpaper. Rub at least 4-6 inches from the baseboard to avoid any damage. You need to work on each and every individual board until you dull the finish. It is best to avoid using a sanding block, as it may miss a few spots.
  • Scuff sanding the finish – it is time to work with the machinery. Stick a maroon buffing pad to your buffer and begin work with it. Move it slowly from one side of the floor all the way across to the other. Overlap each course by some 6 inches. Since the old finish will turn to powder, you can easily see what areas of the floor you have covered. Move the buffer constantly and vacuum its pad every 5 minutes or so.
  • Hardwood Floor Maintenance TipsVacuum the room – once you are done with the buffer, you should leave the room for half an hour. This is enough time for the dust to settle. You are cleaning all of it next with the vacuum cleaner. Follow the flooring strips and work your way with the vacuum cleaner the same way.
  • Apply finish along the edges – cover your shoes and your nose with a respirator mask and prepare your finish. You must first brush a 3-inch wide stripe beside the baseboards at the point that is farthest from the exit. If you allow the edge of the stripe to dry, you will see lap marks.
  • Apply the finish – pour a 1-inch wide stripe of finish along the grain of the wood. Use a long-handled roller to roll the finish on the floor. First work with the grain and then across it. You need to work quickly to keep the wedge wet. After 10 minutes or so, brush more finish along the edge. Continue until you have covered the entire floor. If you wish to add more coats, wait at least 3 hours. Don’t rush with the furniture – you need to wait at least a week before putting it back.

By following this step-by-step guide to refinishing your hardwood floor, you can get it looking like new in no time at all.

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