Winter is one of the most stressful times of the year for your hardwood floor. When the weather changes rapidly, the drop in temperature, the slush and moisture that people bring inside your home with their shoes can literally wreak havoc on otherwise perfect looking floors. 

If you wish to protect your investment and keep the floor in good shape, you ought to take the necessary measures. If you are a new owner of hardwood floor and you wish to preserve it throughout the cold season, here are a few tips that you can follow to achieve this: 

Wipe your feet at the door

Protect Your Hardwood Floor With These Tips This Winter

One of the most important steps you can take to protect hardwood floor in the winter is to minimise the amount of moisture, dirt and other spoils you bring inside with your shoes. All of the unwanted mud and soils can add unnecessary stress to your floor, which spells trouble. To avoid this issue, you should learn to wipe your shoes off on a mat before you enter your home. Invest in a good mat, which will absorb the most moisture from shoes. 

Better yet, remove your shoes

If you want to eliminate the danger for your hardwood floor in the entryway area of your home, you can remove your shoes before coming inside. This works great as a strategy because it means you will not track in dirt and other spoils. You can also ask this from anyone coming in your home and enforce a no-shoe policy all throughout winter and other seasons for that matter. 

Use an area rug

If there is an area of your home that sees particularly high traffic, you can place a protective rug. That is a good solution to prevent the wear and tear, which happens over time. It is especially essential to resort to this measure in entryways and hallways. With an area rug, you get a place to take your shoes off and thus prevent excess water and dirt from coming into contact with the hardwood floor. This is all the more important in the winter. Area rugs are also great because they add a stylish touch to the place and can enhance the looks of the area. 

Be mindful about heating

Hardwood Floor Maintenance

A lot of people like to turn up the heat in the winter, as this feels like the natural thing to do in the winter. However, your physical comfort comes at a cost for your hardwood floor. Excessive heating can dry out the hardwood material, causing all kinds of problems. The boards can shrink, or even crack, as they become much more vulnerable. Gaps will also show more, ruining the perfect look of the floor. If you wish to prevent this, you have to be more heat-savvy. Don’t run the heating on full power at all times. Turning down the thermostat, even a few degrees can have a notable effect. You can also run a humidifier, which will help keep moisture levels optimal and your floor in decent shape. 

Clean it like you mean it

Cleaning your hardwood floor is essential. You will keep it from accumulating a ton of debris and moisture. Utilise a broom to collect the dirt and spoils, and mop up any wet areas immediately. Remember to utilise a slightly damp mop at best, since moisture is enemy number one to hardwood floors. 

Following all of these tips is an excellent way to maintain your floor in good shape throughout winter. Make sure to implement them in your home, as your hardwood floor will be thankful. 

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