There is hardly any need to explain why hardwood floors make such a great option for every interior, be it home or office. To name just a few of the benefits: stylish look adds a nice natural feel to a house, timeless endurance, a significant boost in the value of the property and many more.
According to experts, if you invest some care and are careful how you treat hardwood floor, it can remain in top condition for many decades. However, the reality of today is such that hardwood floors are put under attack by many things, which can leave a mark.

You will do well to ensure that such risk factors are minimised:

  • Hardwood Floor DamageFurniture feet – think about the chair’s feet and how you grind them on the hardwood surface every time you push back from the dinner table. If you don’t add some kind of protection on such furniture parts, you can bet scratches and even more severe damage will occur in time. It is best to add felt pads on every furniture leg that gets into contact with the hardwood surface so that it smoothly glides when moved.
  • Pets – sure you love to cuddle your pet dog, but you can bet that if your floor had a say on the matter, they’d hate the pet. Pet nails can easily scratch the finish, which may seem like a minor deal, but is actually a problem. Over time, dust will find its way into the grain, potentially building up and causing damage to the wood material.
  • High heels – the potential of damage from high heels is no small one. These type of shoes can easily damage the wood surface. The pressure that a woman in high heels does on the floor is substantial and can really indent the surface of any floor. Therefore, you should avoid walking with high heels on hardwood floors at all costs.
  • Polishers and cleaners – while it is true that these solutions work great on ceramic tiles and vinyl, they can prove harmful to the hardwood. If these get in contact with hardwood, they can not only dull the wood but also strip the finish.
  • Hardwood Floor Maintenance TipsWater – excess moisture on hardwood leaves the material’s finish vulnerable. More importantly, it has the potential to cause warping and cracking. Experts all agree that you should remove any spills as soon as possible after they occur.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight – direct sunlight can cause the floor to become faded and darkened over time. For instance, some species of wood, like cherry, tend to get ‘burned’ from the UV rays, while other types of wood lighten on the sun. It is best to use shutters and blinds.
  • Rugs with rubber backing – the main problem with this kind of rugs is that they cut off air ventilation and seal moisture on the floor. On top of that, they have adhesives and glues that compromise the wood surface. Think twice about placing them on your hardwood floors.

There is little doubt that you will better preserve your hardwood floor if you are careful with these items.

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