Hardwood is gorgeous, and it greatly improves the look of any home. However, that is only the case if you keep the area free of scratches. And if there is one thing that all hardwood flooring experts agree on, it is that all kinds of hardwood can scratch. Even though you cannot change that, you can minimise the chances of it happening. Remember the adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are a few practical tips to help you keep the area free of scratch damage: 

Remove your shoes 7 Working Tips For Preventing Scratches On Hardwood Floor

Implementing a no-shoes policy in your home bodes well for your hardwood floor. Shoes track in a lot of dust and dirt over time. Dirt is the number one reason why hardwood floor scratches. Therefore, removing your shoes at the door is an excellent way to minimise the damage and, more importantly, reduce the potential for scratches. 

Place entry mats 

Water, snow and other debris are among the main culprits why areas of hardwood by the door wear out so quick. To prevent this, you should place a good doormat. Not just one outside, but also on the inside. Having an overhang above the door is also a fine way to limit moisture, though a mat works as well. 

Get felt pads on furniture legs 

Furniture legs can scratch hardwood floors, even pieces that do not move often. For this reason, you need to get some felt pads in place. Getting these in place will ensure that chairs and other furniture pieces do not scratch the surface. Make sure to keep a few pads extra, just in case the others fall off. 

Hardwood Maintenance TipsBeware chairs with rollers 

Unlike standard furniture with legs, there is no way to put protection on rollers. There are only two solutions to the issue. One, you have to place rugs underneath them. That way, they will come at no direct contact with the floor surface. This is useful for the area you keep your office chair, for example. The other solution is to avoid such furniture altogether. 

Stay on top of your cleaning duties 

To remove the grit and the dirt, you have to pay more attention to cleaning duty. Not only do you need to clean regularly, but also use the appropriate tools for the job. This means sniffers or similar soft cloths. When it comes to cleaning products, always make sure the one you are using is specially formulated for hardwood floors. Otherwise, you risk staining the finish or doing other forms of damage to it. 

Clean the outside of your home as well 

Small pebbles, grit and dirt get caught up in your shoes, and this presents the biggest danger to hardwood floors. To avoid this issue, you should regularly sweep the outside area of your home, especially the entry places. A little bit of work towards this task goes a long way to preserving your hardwood floor. 

Area rug pads are also a good idea 

One more thing you can do to minimise scratches on the hardwood floor is to place pads underneath area rugs. The reason is that sometimes rugs themselves cause scratches on the hardwood floor if they have too coarse of a backing. 

As you can see, there are quite a few tips you can follow to minimise and reduce hardwood floor scratches. 

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