Hardwood floors surely make for an important interior element, but you have to keep in mind that they require proper cleaning and attention. Without that, they will wear out too quickly and likely get damaged. The last thing you want is having to pay more money to repair hardwood floor after making the initial investment. To handle this task, you should clean the floor properly and not let a mess occur.

In case you don’t know how to tackle this task, you should just follow these proven tips:

  • Hardwood Floor CleaningVacuum the area – just because hardwood floor doesn’t show dust the same way as carpet doesn’t mean it can do without frequent vacuuming. There is fine grit, which serves as sandpaper to the finish when trodden on. A good vacuum every week or so provides some much-needed protection for the finish. Just remember to use a vacuum attachment with a brush to avoid scratches on the surface.
  • Be careful with furniture polish and hairspray – the main issue with these products is that they can both cloud the finish of hardwood floor. If you spray them on the surface, be sure to wipe up immediately with a damp cloth. If you are going for a more thorough clean up, use ammonia-free window cleaner.
  • Keep moisture out – one more thing you need to be mindful of is keeping water off hardwood floors. It can not only damage the finish but also penetrate into the wood and cause staining. If there is rain in the forecast, close all windows. Make sure all of your potted plants have trays underneath them. Should you spill any water, make sure you wipe it immediately.
  • Wood Floor SandingKnow how to use restorers and waxes – if you feel like the wax finish needs some love, you can use more wax to restore it. However, wax doesn’t work with varnish, shellac and polyurethane. It creates slippery conditions, which can be dangerous and also doesn’t work with follow-up finishes. Polyurethane finish works with the same type of polish. Other types of surface finish can do with a general-purpose floor restorer.
  • A clear residue with a no-wax wood cleaner – keep this product somewhere close, in case there is an accident that demands your immediate attention. Don’t take long to wipe up spills, and use the cleaner to remove remaining residue.
  • Get a long doormat in place – one of the best ways to preserve hardwood floor is to be protective. Adding a doormat is a great way to prevent all the dirt and other spoils from getting in contact with your hardwood floor. If you cannot always remove your shoes at the door, you can at least have a large enough mat to wipe your feet on. It still helps to minimise the spoils that enter your home.

By following these simple tips, you can enhance your hardwood floor and keep it in top shape at all times.

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