If you want to get closer to nature, consider wood flooring. But the downside to wood flooring is that it requires a lot of care and maintenance. Nevertheless, this practice is essential if you want to avoid common problems down the road. In this article, we will talk about some common problems with wood flooring. We will also talk about steps you can follow to avoid common problems with wooden floors. So, let’s get to the point.

Steps You Can Follow to Avoid These Wood Flooring Problems

CuppingCupping In Wood Floor

Cupping is one of the most common issues with this type of flooring. Generally, you may have this problem if your house is exposed to excessive moisture. In this case, the edges of the planks become elevated.

You can take a few steps to avoid this problem:

  1. You must perform proper acclimation off the floor before installation.
  2. You need to maintain adequate humidity and moisture level.
  3. Go for the correct type of wood flooring based on your environmental conditions.


After installation, your wood flooring will respond to external elements, such as environmental conditions. For example, if there is excessive humidity, the floorboards absorb moisture and become swelled. As a result, the centre of the wooden boards will have the problem of crowning.

To resolve this problem, reduce the moisture level, prevent extreme temperatures, and go for the right type of wood.


Loss of moisture may result in gapping. As a result, the word may shrink and create space between wooden boards. Generally, you may have this problem if you install wooden panels in an environment with high humidity.

Again, you must perform proper reclamation and allow the wooden boards to adjust before installation. Apart from this, you should install the wood in the right season. Finally, after installation, you may want to maintain ambient conditions. For this purpose, you can use special devices such as humidifiers.


If the wooden planks lift off the floor, you may have the problem of buckling. Again, this problem happens because of the high moisture level below the floor. In this case, the initial floor adhesives and fasteners are compromised.

Another common cause of this problem is leaky ceilings. Again, buckling may result due to compromised floor adhesives or fasteners. To avoid common problems with wooden floors, use air conditioners or humidifiers to maintain the humidity level.

So, ensure there is not too much humidity in the environment. Plus, you may want to ensure there is no flooding or leakage.Fractures In Wood Floor


Fractures refer to cracks developed in wooden floors. Usually, this problem is found in factory-finished floors like unfinished panels or planks. In most cases, fractures happen if they don’t give enough time for the wooden planks to dry.

If you want to prevent fractures, use adaptors for the nailers during installation. The idea is to prevent the force of the nailer from concentrating on the surface of the floorboard. You can also use a manufacturer repair kit to fix the fractures that the floorboards may already have. Standard tools in this kit include coloured marker, wood filler and a bottle of finish.

Hardwood Oxidation

Generally, if your wooden floors are exposed to sunlight for a long time, they may get darker because of oxidation. However, you may not be able to notice oxidation if you don’t remove the carpet or couch.

We suggest protecting your floors from direct sunlight to avoid this problem. Moving your furniture or carpets around from time to time is a good idea. Wait for a while to allow exposed areas of your floor to blend with the remaining oxidised planks.

Noisy Boards

After installation, you may notice this problem after a few weeks. This problem often happens because of improper installation or problematic sub-floors.

To avoid this problem, ensure the sunflower is properly attached. Also, the subfloor should not squeak, or you may have noisy boards. Besides, make sure that the group or tongue fit is tight.

Long story short, this was a description of some common problems with wooden floors and the steps you can take to avoid common problems with wooden floors.

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