If you have invested in hardwood floors for your home, you know full well that it is not cheap. The purchase of the boards, as well as installation, have likely cost you a lot. But if you have a pet dog, you need to be careful. Dogs have a way of scratching hardwood, which is never an ideal thing to see. To prevent your best friend’s damage, you have to follow a few tips shared by professionals. 

Tips to Prevent to Prevent Scratches on the Hardwood Floor when you Have a Pet Dog

Always keep things clean Pet Dog In Hardwood Floor

One of the top priorities when it comes to hardwood floor maintenance is keeping it clean. There is an even greater incentive for this when a dog is around. Dogs shed a lot of hair and they bring in dirt from the outside. It is only prudent of you to stay on top of these issues, as they can ruin the aesthetics of the place. But it is not just visual appeal you have to worry about because dirt and pet hair can mark the hardwood when you step on it. This is more evident in the areas your dog likes to spend a lot of time in.

Wax the floorboards 

One of the best preventative measures you can apply is to wax the floorboards. Waxed floorboards add extra grip and make it easier to walk on. That way when your dogs decide to dash through the area, they will not slide around and leave marks. Besides, a layer of wax serves defensive purposes. When it gets scratched, you can re-apply it again. This is much easier than dealing with scratch marks on the hardwood itself. 

Groom your dog’s nails 

The major culprit for scratches on the hardwood floor is the nails of your dog. You should get into the habit of grooming them well. Longer nails take a tool on hardwood surfaces, whether they have a protective coating or not. You can learn to clip their nails at home, or you can take them to the vet. Long nails are not just a threat to hardwood floors, but can also make dogs feel uncomfortable. 

Take your dog for regular walks Take Your Dog For Regular Walks 

The main job you will have as a dog owner is to take your dog out for a walk. Not only is this good for you, but also the dog. In a way, it helps your hardwood floor stay in good condition as well. When you walk your dog often, they won’t expend as much energy on your floorboards. Besides, walking is a natural way for dogs’ nails to keep short, because they wear down when they walk on gravel and other solid surfaces. 

Use a carpet runner 

Dogs often find themselves a favourite spot in the house and make it their place for hanging out. They also tend to use the same pathways, creating a route within your home that they like the most. Therefore, it makes sense to tend to these ‘high traffic’ areas and place a few rugs and carpet runners. It is a nice way to preserve the floorboards even with high traffic in the area. 

Avoid dog accidents 

Pet urine has a way of damaging hardwood floorboards. You need to be watchful and clear an accident as soon as possible. Moisture can warp the material, and cause discolouration. Make sure your dog is well trained and that you prevent any urine accidents by taking them out regularly. 

Following all of these tips is a sure way to preserve your hardwood floor, even with a dog running around. 

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