Hardwood floors are known for their aesthetic look and durability when properly maintained. In most cases, they last a lifetime, but they still require proper maintenance to keep them looking spotless and at their best. They may scratch and wear down, but with a bit of sanding and a new finish, they’re as good as ever. There are a few mistakes homeowners make that speed up the wear and tear of their hardwood floors, so you should do your best to avoid them. The following tips point out the most commonly seen mistakes you can make:

Most Commonly Mistakes That You Make That Can Damage Your Hardwood Floor

Using Wax Too Often6 Hardwood Flooring Mistakes That Can Damage Your Floor

It’s common to use wax, as many people seem to think it helps preserve their hardwood floors. In reality, the wax will leave a sticky finish in most cases, something that attracts more dust and dirt and gives the surfaces an unpleasant-looking finish. Waxes are a great solution in the short turn, but not so much in the long run. They tend to wear down the polyurethane much faster, needing you to refinish the floors sooner rather than later. The more of it you use, the faster the floors will degrade. To ensure you have an easier and faster floor cleaning in the future, avoid using wax.

Using Products Not Designed For Hardwood Floors

Though you may want to see the results of so-called miracle products that promise your hardwood floors will look shiny and spotless instantly, most of those products will not offer what they promise. If you’ve been looking through DIY projects offering such promises, using ingredients such as oil soap, vinegar and so forth, you should stop. You would do well to use products specifically made to be used on hardwood flooring—no need for anything fancy, just that and your vacuum. Most vacuums are used for carpets so that they may damage your hardwood floors. Keep that in mind going forward.

You Roll Furniture Across Your Wood Floors

Rolling furniture and chairs are extremely damaging to the surface of your hardwood floors. If you roll them across, they will not only scratch the surface but will wear down the polyurethane. Even worse, they will have dirt stuck to the wheels, which may enter the scratches being formed. If you have a rolling chair on your hardwood floor, you should place a rug or a plastic mat under the wheels as you move it anywhere or as it sits.

Wearing Your Shoes IndoorsWearing Shoes Indoors

Another big no-no for your hardwood floors. You may be surprised that there’s a big difference between taking off your shoes and stepping inside on your floor. Plenty of things are attached to the bottom of your shoes – tiny pebbles, dirt and worse that may stain or scratch your floors. The damage will get worse when you track snow, rain and salt onto your hardwood floors, so leave the shoes at the door, which will vastly improve things.

You Don’t Have Entry Mats by Every Entryway

You may already know that water and hardwood don’t work well together, so areas around your entryways will wear down fast. You should always place entrance mats on the outside and inside of the door.

Your Furniture is Scratching the Floors

Felt pads are a great addition to your floors. Put them on the bottom of any furniture, especially your chairs, so that they won’t damage and scratch your floors. Check on them regularly, as they may lose their adhesiveness or wear down with time.

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