When it’s time for you to redecorate your home, you will quickly find out that the beautiful hardwood floor you wish to install is one of the most expensive investments you will make. Still, natural wood boosts the sense of cosiness and relying on a wooden floor is never a mistake. Aiming at the perfect preservation of your floor is natural, which is why smart floor cleaning hacks should be utilised. Move on to reveal the most effective care tips that will let you keep your hardwood in top shape for many years:

MOST EFFECTIVE CARE TIPS THAT WILL LET YOU KEEP YOUR HARDWOOD IN TOP SHAPE                                                                                                                              

Deal with dirt on a daily basis 

Dust Floor

Despite your serious efforts to banish dust and dirt from your place, pollutants manage to spread themselves everywhere, including on boards of your wooden floor. Dirt particles can easily leave ugly scratches on the floor, which is why daily cleanup is more than necessary. Whether you would prefer to sweep the floor or you find vacuum cleaning a more convenient approach, eliminating dust and grime from the wooden floor is one of the aspects that can guarantee extended durability.

Tackle spillages on time 

You shouldn’t wait too long before you take care of liquids spilled on your hardwood floor. Given the fact that wooden surfaces can be damaged if affected by moisture, treating spills right away is an effective method to protect the floor from cupping or gapping. Unlike carpeted floors, dealing with spills on the hardwood floor is so simple – just take a dry cloth and absorb the mess as soon as possible.

Employ safe cleaning agents 

As easy to maintain as your hardwood floor might seem, you should carefully choose the cleaning solutions you apply on the surface. Generally you need to steer clear of abrasive cleaning products that can scratch the floor, but that’s not all you should keep in mind. Expert cleaners believe that the fewer chemical-based products you opt for, the less outworn your wooden floor would look. Furthermore, constantly relying on harsh detergents is not safe for your health, which is why you should consider eco-friendly cleaning mixtures. To get rid of germs and dirt settled on the wooden floor, add some vinegar to the water before you mop the floor. White distilled vinegar is your best bet when you want to clean your hardwood floor with a harmless ingredient that ensures a long-lasting surface.

Mop carefully 

Floor Mopping

When it comes to mopping a wooden floor, dangerous mistakes are likely to happen. As already mentioned, hardwood floors don’t tolerate extreme moisture, so you should never go overboard with the amount of water you use. All your hardwood floor needs is to mop it with a slightly damp mop to banish dirt. Or else you might cause swelling and undermine the durability of your investment.

Delay sanding 

Eventually your wooden floor will require sanding, but with an appropriate maintenance you can postpone the procedure. Once you notice that the surface starts to look a bit outworn, recoat it. Adding a new coat of finish will refresh the appearance of your hardwood floor, making it look as shiny as new. Recoat the floor from time to time, so that you can prolong its lifespan and delay sanding for as long as possible.

Add furniture pads 

Another preventative measure you can take advantage of it to supply the legs of your furniture with quality pads. Your furniture pieces are great trouble-makers that cause dents and scratches to the hardwood floor, but you can avoid this with furniture pads. Install pads on heavy furniture like the couch or the table, so as to keep your wooden floor safe from harm.

With a well-preserved hardwood floor you can enjoy a solution that never goes out of style, as well as boosts the price of your property. Do your best to provide the best maintenance for your wooden floor and you will never regret installing it.

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